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Work With Me 1:1

Are you ready to ditch diet culture, stop negative self-talk, and create a healthy relationship between food, your mind, and your body?

Explore how we can work together below:

Anchor 1 | The Warm Up

The Warm Up

The goal of The Warm-Up session is for you to ask questions, describe where you are at in your journey, what you are looking to achieve if we work together, goals you have, etc.


From there, I will assess whether I think my services could be what you are looking for. If I find that you are a good fit, I'd love to get you on board and start the process of working with you!


Nourish | One-Time Nutrition Session


The Nourish session is where I will guide you through a series of questions regarding your nutritional goals, current activity level, dietary preferences, etc.


From there, we'll discuss your personalized nutrition plan - with calorie, macronutrient, and portion info. This is individualized for your body, eating preferences, and goals.


After our session, I will send a take-home digital download with all the information we went over so that you have a visual copy.


Please allow for up to 1 week, to receive the digital copy.


Workout eBook | 4 Week Program

This program is designed with females in mind at the start of, or coming back to, their fitness journey. Gain confidence in your workouts & learn to recover in order to propel forward.

This 4 Week Program is for you if...

  • You have a busy schedule, and can't always make it to the gym or a workout class

  • You are learning that less is sometimes more, when it comes to exercise and what the body needs

  • You are tired of complicating your workouts, and need a structured plan

  • You are ready to respect your body

What You'll Get:

  • 31 Beautifully curated pages in a visual eBook (digital download)

  • Three workouts per week + one optional weekend challenge

  • Designed for home, gym or outdoors -- wherever you feel most comfortable 

  • Minimal equipment workouts

    • ie. Dumbbells​, booty bands, stability ball, jump rope

  • Each workout takes between 30-45 minutes

  • Interactive & motivational program trackers

  • One-time payment, access to this program and information for a LIFETIME


1:1 Personal Training | 8 Week Online Program


This program is designed to help you become an even stronger, healthier, more confident version of yourself.

This 8 Week 1:1 Online Program is for you if...

  • You are feeling stuck or burnt out with working out

  • You are tired of doing random workouts and seeing no results

  • You need accountability & guidance

  • You want to create long lasting habits that become a lifestyle

  • You want to build a strong, confident body

  • You want to create a sense of whole body wellness for yourself

What You'll Get:

  • Access to the program fully online via my Trainerize website and mobile app

  • In-app video demos to breakdown each exercise

  • Track habits, food, progress, and the ability to progress/regress exercises as needed

  • Access to me, as you coach, via in-app messaging

  • Bi-weekly coaching calls to go over form + any other program questions you may have


Self-Paced Training Program | 6 Week Strength Program


This program is designed to help you build muscle, shed fat, and feel aligned in your best body.

This 6 Week Self-Paced Program is for you if...

  • You are feeling lost and have no idea what to do at the gym

  • You are tired of doing random workouts you've found online

  • You have equipment at home, but can't come up with your own workouts

  • You feel like you're exercising with little result

  • You have basic to intermediate knowledge of strength training, but need a structured plan

  • You are motivated and ready to take action to become the best version of you

What You'll Get:

  • Five workouts per week

  • Each workout takes between 30-45 minutes

  • Progressive Overload focus

  • PDF format, no frills, just workouts

  • One-time payment, access to this program and information for a LIFETIME

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