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Why Arbonne | My Online Health, Wellness + Clean Beauty B-Corp Company


Arbonne is a top health and wellness company in the world with 41 years of sustainability, veganism, non-cruelty, clinical research and studies to prove the efficacy of the product lines. . .


In addition, they ban 2,400 ingredients from their products. Arbonne is a Certified B Corporation-- putting people and the plant before profit.

NO RIDICULOUS REQUIREMENTS | no quotas/inventory/autoship/required buying, etc.

Gigi Kent Wellness has joined Arbonne as an Ambassador. As a personal trainer and health coach, I talk about a lot more with clients than just food and fitness! I genuinely love these products and figured that since I'm already recommending these products, now I have my own personal website to share with my clients, family and friends, and you; when you purchase through my website, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

There are no quotas, no required buying, spending or selling. No one is my boss, but I do have a personal mentor for support. Arbonne is a "this and that" opportunity that can be tailored to you and your personal lifestyle, schedule, and goals. Basically, it's a small business start-up opportunity with no risk, extremely low cost/investment, but with all of the benefits of an established large business.

QUALITY PRODUCTS | when you shop arbonne, you shop small

We have such a broad spectrum of products to offer people and aren't limited to a particular consumer. Our products are all consumable things that people actually need and use daily. We have over 400 products- all just a better, cleaner, plant-based version of things that people already use and purchase from large retailers on a routine basis.

Whether it's your skincare, makeup, nutrition, body care- you can simply replace what you're using with the Arbonne version, and support someone you actually know as opposed to the CEO of a massive chain with a less quality product.

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