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Smoothies are such an easy way to pack lots of nutrients into a quick meal or snack. As the days get sunnier and warmer, I tend to lean into smoothies for breakfast or lunch, to make sure I am getting everything I need.


Important things to remember when making your smoothies:


1) Chew your smoothies as you drink them. This aids in the digestive process activating your salivary glands and enzymes responsible for the first steps of digestion.


2) When choosing a protein source for your smoothie be very aware of the ingredients, esp with plant-based ones. Otherwise, some simple sources are spirulina, collagen peptides (not vegan), and/or hemp protein.


3. Be mindful of the amount of 'sugar' you put in your smoothies, measure out sweeteners you add like honey, maple, dates, etc. High levels of sugar defeats the purpose of this nourishing compilation -- always add some source of fiber to go with the natural source.


So what's in my smoothie?


1 scoop vanilla protein (I'm using one by Vega right now)

1 cup home brewed green tea

1 big handful spinach

1 banana

1 Tbsp peanut butter

1 tsp maca powder


Blend all ingredients, and enjoy!

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