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Savory > Sweet. What about you?

The more I learn about the cautions of sugar, the more grateful I am to not be super drawn to it. . . what I mean is, I don't have a sweet tooth!

Pure, white, granulated sugar comes from a plant: either sugar cane or sugar beets. Those plants are a far cry from the bags of sugar that are the end result of a few very intense rounds of processing.

"Raw" or "Turbinado" sugar, is sugar that has been processed one less time than refined white sugar, so some of the molasses coloring remains. It isn't really raw though, as it's been boiled and crystallized, etc. at least twice.

Non-nutritive sweeteners (those colored packets in cafes or the workplace!) are artificial sweeteners. They're faking it! They contain chemicals that may have originated in nature at some point but are no longer being used in the way nature intended...


- Honey / Pure Maple Syrup

- Dates

- Coconut or Date Sugar

So, if you really need to have something sweet and FRUIT or WHOLE FOODS just won't satisfy, I'd rather see you use plain refined sugar than those man-made fakes.

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