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i like to write down my workout of the day so i have it ready when i get to the gym. this allows me to keep my phone on "do not disturb" mode because when i'm in "gym mode", i am there to train and move my body and everything else can wait.

the workout:

superset 1

3 x 12 reverse grip lateral pulldown (CM)

3 x 12 alternating bicep curls

superset 2

3 x 12 reverse grip row (B)

3 x 12 bicep curl (B)

superset 3

3 x 12 single arm row (CM)

3 x 12 rear delt flyes (CM)

superset 4

3 x 12 straight bar pushdown (CM)

3 x 12 bicep curl (CM)

superset 5

3 x 10 concentration curl

3 x 12 hammer curl

finishing circuit: 12 minutes favorite core workout

. . .

about this workout:

"superset" is when you pair exercises back-to-back with little-to-no rest time. usually, you alternate between muscle groups - like, biceps + triceps.

supersets maximize the intensity of your strength training workout routine to get more results in a shorter period.

the "(B)" let's me know i'll need to use a barbell.

the "(CM)" let's me know i'll need to use the cable machine.

and that's it! there's my quick little fit fact for you - tag me on IG or reach out if you try this workout and/or supersets.

*image via Pinterest

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