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A blog series on Bio-Individuality, this is Part 2 - let's dive in!

How to Determine What Works For You

Creating a bio-individualized diet requires you to do some detective work, specifically when it comes to the way you react to specific foods.

As a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, I like to recommend keeping a log or journal of what you eat and how those foods made you feel. After doing this for a period of time (which I can help you determine if you'd like), you'll be able to see patterns in the foods that fuel you, versus foods that don't serve you.

For example, you might notice that you feel best after eating a warm meal filled with cooked vegetables. Or you might feel great after eating a salad with only raw vegetables. Perhaps you'll notice that apples make you feel bloated, or salty foods make your head hurt. . .

Sometimes we don't realize how crummy we're feeling until we actually take the time to think about it. Make it a habit to check in with yourself throughout the day and perform a quick self-analysis.
Ask yourself:
Does my stomach feel settled?
Do I feel bloated or gassy?
Have my bowels been moving regularly? Am I constipated? Have I had diarrhea today?
How are my energy levels? Have they been consistent throughout the day?
How is my mood? Do I feel anxious, emotional, or depressed?

Sometimes it can be difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that the food we eat has such an immense effect on our overall life, but this exercise of self-analysis can really help bring that understanding to fruition.

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