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A blog series on Bio-Individuality, this is Part 3 - let's dive in!

Focus on Veggies

Regardless of what your bio-individuality tells you about your optimal diet, one rule of thumb we can all benefit from is to eat more vegetables.

Dark leafy greens are pretty universally digestible (especially when cooked), generally affordable, and can be easily incorporated into many meals. If you have trouble with certain vegetables, experiment with cooking or preparing them in a way.

For example, some people can only digest the crown of broccoli, not the stems. Raw kale may make you feel gassy, but quick sautés in garlic and oil might just be fine. If raw veggies in a salad make you feel crummy, try roasting root vegetables like carrots and fennel, then dress and toss them as you would a salad.

Another tip - whenever you make yourself a plate of food, aim to fill half of it with vegetables. While this may sound daunting to those of you who grew up eating meat and potatoes for dinner, I promise that with a little experimentation and perhaps some spices and herbs, creating tasty, plant-based dishes can be a breeze.

Here's a cooking tip I like to share with clients: the trifecta of a good dish includes fat, salt, and acid. Not a fan of brussel sprouts? Try sautéing them with ghee (aka clarified butter, it's lactose-free for those of you who can't tolerate dairy), a pinch of salt, and some lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar) and you'll be singing a different tune!

Once you figure out what veggies make you feel good and taste good, filling up half your plate won't feel like such a challenging task, I promise.

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