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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Just a little reminder that food is SO much more than just nutrition.

Yes, food is fuel that powers our cells, and gives us energy and provides us with the nutrients we need, but seeing food as only that, can be a dark and dangerous road. . .

Food is also enjoyment & pleasure.

It's creativity & fun - exploring different tastes, flavors, and textures.

It's cultures, traditions & community - connecting and bonding with others.

It's memories, experiences, learning, & adventures.

It's comfort, warmth, strength & happiness.

It's sharing, giving, celebrating & love.

Eating for optimal health is great. But you can't forget that in order to have true health, we need all of these above things in our lives.

Sometimes choosing that piece of chocolate or going out to eat with friends is the the best thing you can do for your health.

One thing I feel grateful for about where I live, is that we do not lack in abundance of food choices and eating out opportunities. It's truly endless & inspiring if you choose to see it that way too!

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