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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

In the past several months specifically, I have been tuning in to my cycle for what movement my body needs and wants.

Understanding how your hormonal fluctuations impact your performance is game changing and will allow you to make smarter decisions about your training.

There are four phases to the cycle, let's break it down into each phase.

MENSTRUAL || Hormones + energy are at their lowest. Engage in restorative activities like walking, foam rolling, yin yoga, napping, mat pilates, etc.

FOLLICULAR || Energy begins to rise. Engage in activities like running, biking, dance, hiking, etc.

OVULATORY || Some hormones are at peak levels + lots of energy to burn. Engage in activities like interval training, HIIT, cycling, boot camp, etc.

LUTEAL || Some elevated hormone levels + good dose of energy. Engage in activities like strength training, intense yoga, (for first half of phase) - transition to pilates, barre, yoga, etc.

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