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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

you know the saying Dream Big, Work Big? because it really describes my current mood. the simplicity and the power of that short phrase, dang.

i've been thinking. . . there are so many people out there who want certain things (myself included). they want to live a life where maybe they can stay at-home with their kiddos more often, they don't need to ask for time off, they're doing something they love, they have a beautiful home office, they get to travel. . .i could go on and on. but only a small percent are willing to actually do the work to get there.

the truth is:

if you want to life a life most people do not, you have to do the things most people will not!

do you think top athletes get to where they are now, because they trained when they "felt like it" and had no structure or discipline in their routine? no way. they're exceptional because they're willing to make incredible sacrifices now to accomplish their vision for the future.

my challenge to you:

match your words with your actions. it may involve late nights, early mornings, caffeine or meditation breaks- but nothing beats feeling in-control of your own success + your own life!

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