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Did you shake your head on this one? If you feel guilty for taking time off, get antsy when you sit still, or feel as though you need to be productive 24/7 - DON'T.

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it. . .

You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup.

image not mine, from Pinterest.

When I was working my corporate "9-5" job, weekends always reminded me just how important TIME is.

Now, when I get to the weekend sometimes I have to work and other times I don't. And the times that I have off, I make a point to spend time with my fam & friends, or clean up my space a little more, or do something active outside with the dog...

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a stress-head and busy-body who feels as though I need to be constantly doing more to be achieving more...

But what I've come to realize, is that there is always going to be more that you can do, but there is only so much you can give. It's like the saying, "You can do anything, but not everything".

Instead of trying to do it all, then constantly feeling exhausted, drained, and stressed out-- prioritize your time. Prioritize yourself.

Give yourself some down time and allow yourself to take a slight detour from your usual routine. It will still be there when you're ready to return.

Detaching yourself allows you to charge up your energy for when that routine kickstarts again- which in turn, means you'll be able to approach it with a level head. Nurturing yourself and your time allows for that flexibility which we all need + deserve.

I think we should all try to take more me time out that leaves us with a smile on our cute little faces!

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