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A blog series on Bio-Individuality, this is Part 4 - let's dive in!

Understand What Sugar Does To Your Body

Our bodies are built to crave sugar. It's found throughout nature, from berries and watermelon, to squash and honey. Sugar gives us energy, but also results in additional fat storage and contributes to issues like diabetes and obesity when eaten in excess.

As a bio-individual, it's your job to understand how your body is affected by sugar, both natural and artificial.

Some people have no health consequences from drinking diet soda every now and then, while others have to run to the bathroom after too many sips of aspartame. A diabetic person might rejoice at the opportunity to eat a birthday cake created with an erythritol-based sugar alternative, but a party-goer could suffer severe cramps from partaking in the smallest slice.

Even foods that we think of as generally healthy may not serve you. The fructans (that's a type of sugar) in an apple might make you feel bloated. Eating too much avocado might make your stomach hurt. Part of the journey in understanding your bio-indivudality is letting go of the idea that all foods that are "healthy" are healthy for you.

No matter what, try your best to limit refined sugars as often as possible. Opt for whole fruits, honey, maple syrup, or other naturally occurring sugars for sweetening. Also, keep an eye out for hidden sugars by reading nutrition labels--sugar pops up in unlikely places such as salad dressings, yogurt, juice, and condiments.

If you're interested, you might try an elimination diet, start re-introducing foods back in and decide how you want to proceed. If an elimination diet is something you're interested in learning more about, let's chat!

For a personal example, I started eliminating dairy from my diet in 2014 and ever since I choose plant-based options and avoid dairy about 95% where I can - this has improved stomach issues for me immensely.

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