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Research shows that training 3-4 hrs/day for 5-6 days a week provides no greater benefits than when training is limited to less than two hours per day. It's also been shown to significantly decrease muscle strength.

So let's talk about EXCESSIVE training.

This refers to training in which the volume, intensity, or both- are increased too quickly, and without proper progression. Often leading to a chronic state of fatigue.

A few years ago, in my fitness journey, I can now look back on and understand that I was partaking in excessive training. It started with my love of running, and then I joined Kayla Itsines and her #bbgcommunity. I was working out easily two times per day. I never took a rest day. I was moody and annoyed when social commitments interfered, and I was burning more energy (fuel) than I was eating.

I've learned now that our body's cannot produce the chemical substances and parts needed for repair, remodeling, and ultimate growth - if we are constantly in the catabolic state through repeated training. After educating myself, I now consistently analyze my workout regime, because I know that going 110% all of the time is not sustainable in the long term; there's no gain. And to me, this #healthyfitlifestyle is just that— a LIFESTYLE, not a "quick-fix-one-and-done-fad"!

If this sounds familiar at all, I encourage you to adjust your current program and keep training smarter, not harder.

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